Water Quality and Clarity Tests

The results correspond to the map that show were the the tests were taken. Water testing is carried out by APELL for information purposes only. Due to many factors, results can be unreliable, depending on when and how the sample is taken, the weather conditions and numerous other factors. APELL is in no way responsible for water quality or the accuracy of test results. Nor is APELL liable for any use members or others may make of the information provided. Results are from a specific date/time and are subject to change from day to day.


Summer 2019 On July 9, 2019 we proceeded to take 12 water samples around Lac Long. If you have a map from last year, you can locate sample no. 12 as midway between sample no. 7 and sample no. 8, more or less in a straight line. Otherwise, you can visit the APELL website in a few days. where the results will be posted. All other 11 samples were at the same location as last year, for comparison purposes. The same applies to the clarity tests taken with a Sechi dish.

I must announce that the results are by far the best I have ever taken in my 25 and more years on this lake. All samples, with the exception of one, returned showing ZERO e-coli in those locations. The only exception was the Lafontaine dam, where the result was ONE. This is magnificent. We all should congratulate ourselves.

As to the clarity tests, the results were as follows: area A = 18.4 feet; area B, 2069 feet, and area C 19.7 feet. Also excellent readings.

Please continue to preoccupy yourselves with the health of this lake.
Summer 2018 Water quality tests taken on august 28, 2018:
Water samples

0 ppm : 7, 9, and 23
1 ppm : 2, 3,5,10, 21, 22, and 24
2 ppm : 1
3 : 6, 8, and 20
6 : 4

Water clarity tests: Lac Long averaged 17 feet depth, et Lac Morissette averaged 7.5 feet depth.
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1995 & 1996 Back in 1995, APELL started a water clarity testing program. The water was tested using a secchi disk and readings were taken in 4 different locations. Testing was done by 4 different people and an average was calculated for the whole season for both 1995 and 1996 to get an overall picture for the lake and reduce the variations between different people doing the testing (average of 17 feet was calculated for both years). In 1995, we participated and submitted our results to the North American Secchi Dip-In. There was no significant variation in average results for 1996.


Updated: October 25, 2018
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